Elle Maxwell

Elle Maxwell

Go Fake Yourself is available now!

Go Fake Yourself is available now!

60 days. $20k. 1 bed.

✓ Fake Dating

✓ RomCom

✓ Slow Burn

✓ Roommates / Forced Proximity

What happens when a romance author decides to take the fake dating trope into her own hands by hiring two strangers for a 60-day experiment—during which they’re forced to live together? (Oh, and there’s only one bed!)

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Us, Again

Do you believe in second chances?

✓ Angsty

✓ Second Chance

✓ Steamy

✓ Suspense

Us, Again is a contemporary second chance romance about a man seeking redemption from the mistakes of his past so he can win back the love of his life, whose heart he broke so badly she’s vowed never to fall in love again.

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