Go Fake Yourself Content / Trigger Warnings

Go Fake Yourself contains explicit language and (eventual) open door sex scenes. It is suggested for readers 17+.

Closed Door Modifications: Skip chapters 43 (“High Maintenance”) and 62 (“Sexual Glow Up”). To avoid detailed make-out scenes, skip the second half of Ch 28 (“Kissing: Check!”), the end of Ch 42 (“Oh”), and Ch 44 (“It’s a Biological Thing”).

GFY does not have any intense content such as SA or violence, but every reader goes into a book with different traumas and experiences that warrant respect. So here are some subject matter that might be sensitive for certain readers.

Please note, this list does contain some SPOILERS!

  • Family Conflict: Toxic parents (criticism, controlling behaviors), gaslighting
  • Car Accident / Spinal Injury: A secondary character is paraplegic and uses a wheelchair due to an injury sustained in a car accident. There is one hospital flashback scene from a family member’s perspective (“The Wrong Twin,” dream in italics), and various section throughout the book mention his injury, recovery, and subsequent mental health struggles (past & present, from a family member’s perspective).
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment: Brief references (past)
  • Some instances of Sexism, Misogyny, and Ableism
  • References to past issues orgasming with a partner and related insecurities